MINIMAX 3D studio Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 

Privacy Policy is the agreement in which we specify when we  collect personal data, what kind of personal data you collect from users and what you do with that data. 

Our Privacy is very important for us.We may collect the following permission from your Android Mobile.We are going to clarify we will not get your sensitive information and all permission
are normal and necessaries.Your data will be safe.This is a normal practice do not worry.

Children Attention

Be Smart and be safe when you are on-line or downloading any application,do not share your information without asking your parents or Guardian.Children under 12 should be careful and consult their parents for guidance.

Reading Phone Status or Identity

Allow application to access the phone features of the device just for the requirement for the application you are downloading which is 100% safe and secure.

When do we collect Full Network Access?

It Simply Allows the app to open network sockets,not for any other purpose,safe and secure.

When we view Network Connection?

Just to see Your network connection for the application you are downloading.We will receive some necessary information from network which is safe and sound.

When we view Your Wi-Fi Connections?

App can access your device's Wi-Fi connection information, like if Wi-Fi is turned on or off.


About Third Party?

We are not selling or sharing your personal stuff.Information required is just for current application. Which is safe and secure.


Currently we are using Ad-mob ads which is Google based.Its one of the best ads program in the world.It is 100% safe and secure.

When We collect Your Location:

 Its just for the application to track the application and application analytic its also safe and secure.

Contact Us

If you have any question about our Privacy you can ask any time to our support team.

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